Coding Blocks Jr - Free Coding courses for School students in Python, Visual programming, Block programming, Web development, App development and Robotics

Benefits of Learning coding

The earlier you start, the better. Know why is there so much hype about learning programming at early stages, that too from Coding Blocks Jr.

Best Mentors

Our mentors are Geek level coders & from Top Tech schools like IITs, IIITs, DTU, NSIT & the like

Superb content

We deliver well researched content across all courses, so that you learn the best

Absolutely FREE

This is our dream, we love recognition. Pay us by subscribing to our Youtube channel and liking our sessions

Logical ability

Coding will help you develop Logical & analytical abilities, necessary for success at a much early stage

Abstract thinking

You need to think smart and creatively in your time. Coding helps you achieve this

Confidence booster

Coding will boost your esteem and confidence & will let you look the world with a new perspective

New Features coming soon !!

Certified courses

All our courses will be certified, meaning we will give Certificate of completion to all successful candidates

Our Android app

We are launching our Android app, which will ensure learning becomes more handy and offline too

Our Learning portal

We are launching our Learning portal, so that students can take their Assignments and do related stuff in the portal