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Block programming for kids



  • Grade

    2 - 6

  • Mentors

    Kashavi & Vasundhara


Coding is the most important skill of the 21st century and many parents across the globe have started teaching coding to their kids from as early as 6 years or Grade 2.

The Certified Block programming course by Coding Blocks Jr aims to teach Coding to School kids in Grade 2 - 6 using Block programming, also referred to as Visual programming absolutely free of cost. The course will use to teach coding to kids.

Be a wise parent, don't spend tons of money elsewhere when you can get everything for free on Coding Blocks Jr Youtube channel. Industry renowned mentors from Top Tech schools like IITs IIITs DTU NSIT teach in Coding Blocks Jr.

Course Details

Schedule, Syllabus, Class timings and other relevant details of the course are mentioned below

  1. Schedule
    • Sessions on Sat and Sun | 5 - 6 PM
    • Assignment discussion, tutorial and project classes in the week
  2. Syllabus